Yardley English Rose A Musthave Product Of Vanity

Yardley English Rose

If you would ask me to choose my favorite type of fragrance, ROSE would be my first option. I love the products that contain the rosy smell. Yardley English Rose Body Spray is a must-have in my vanity. In spite of trying new fragrances, this the thing that remains constant and I always go back to this one. The packaging is so eye-catching and girly. I remember as a child Yardley talcum powders used to be on everyone’s vanity. I still remember the old classic packaging.

Yardley English Rose doesn’t feel artificial that’s the most appealing quality; it feels so real and enchanted. The lasting capability of this fragrance is pretty impressive. This perfectly prevents stinkiness, especially in this melting hot weather. It really makes my mood calm. I was searching for a scented candle of similar fragrance or maybe I would end up making a DIY candle using this fragrance. Till then stay connected. ✌️ ❤︎

Yardley English Rose Yardley English Rose Yardley English Rose Yardley English Rose

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