Wonders of Neem Oil and Hemani Herbals

Hemani Herbals Neem Oil

Neem is one of the miraculous things on earth and is been used as a medicine, beauty elixir, and whatnot. I was searching for some oils to treat my skin and hair. I love organic stuff and keen to read about herbs, oils, and things like that. Actually I have dandruff issues especially in winters so I maintain a proper hair care routine during that time. Neem oil is one of the products I use to cure dandruff.

I was searching for neem oil but it was not easily available at stores and I wondered why people don’t use that commonly and are unaware of its benefits. One day I went to supermart and got my eyes on Hemani Herbals and found an amazing range of oils. So I grabbed this Hemani Herbals neem oil and started using it and got amazing results. Not only my dandruff went away, but it also cured the itchiness caused by dandruff and made my hair smooth. The only thing you can hate is its deadly bitter Odor. For Hair treatment If you find this oil bitter or thick, you can mix it with any carrier oil like coconut or olive oil. For skin, you don’t have to mix the other oils you should apply directly.

I have never seen this much purity of oils in other brands as its 100% pure non-diluted.

It is not a sponsored post if you don’t want to buy from them you can buy from any other place but make sure it’s 100% pure.

Neem Oil Benefits For Skin

  • Treats skin/nail fungus.
  • It is a natural remedy for wrinkles as it increases collagen production.
  • It contains vitamin E and fatty acids that help healing cracked skin and itchiness.

Hemani Herbals Neem Oil Hemani Herbals Neem Oil

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