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DODO Girl Makeup Studio Eyeshadow Palette

DODO Girl Makeup Studio Eyeshadow Palette

So recently I have bought some eyeshadow palettes to practice makeup looks. After trying them out I am here to share the review. This DODO girl makeup studio eyeshadow palette is one of them. If you’re looking for a neutral palette and nude colors, this is something that you’re looking for. Dodo girl makeup studio...

Izzi body mist

Izzi body mist sweet love and true love

I have always loved the light floral fragrance/scent. Whenever I buy perfumes and body sprays I search for jasmine or rose. I have never tried new perfumes I was stuck at the same old fragrance. Then I thought why not add some new stuff and randomly I saw Izzi body mists at a grocery shop...

Bio 7 day

Bio 7 Day Beauty Plan Review

My Old School Story Bio 7 Day Beauty Plan is an old cream that is being used by so many people in Pakistan. This was just another must-have product I have seen on my dressing table while growing up. It would not be odd to say that there are so many childhood memories related to...

Kemei Hair Dryer

That’s when I bought Kemei Hairdryer KM-6833

Kemei KM-6833 and my story I have always faced rush and panicking on weddings when it comes to making hairstyles. I was unaware of hairdos as well and I often end up doing disaster while making hairstyles. I bought Hair straightener then I bought curling rod but I couldn’t find even or lasting curls after...


Olivia Shukria Top 5 beauty products to buy

Olivia is a Pakistani cosmetic brand and it is an old brand. Now It has introduced their new range of cosmetics and I have picked 5 things that I liked. I also picked them because of their pink girly packaging.   Olivia Face Wash This face wash has a creamy texture. It makes your skin...

CHANEL Lipstick set

CHANEL Lipstick Set as a gift

HOLA I have received a super cute gift and I’m a makeupholic so I love when I receive makeup as a gift. I got CHANEL Lipstick set, after unboxing and trying them out I thought why not share my experience. Let’s Start CHANEL lipstick set comes in hard cardboard magnet box I love its luxurious...

Hashmi kajal

Hashmi Kajal In Tube Review

Hey there! Today I got a desi makeup product to review however there is no such thing to review because everyone knows about it for 200 years. Hashmi Kajal is the thing that is known to everyone for centuries. It has become less in use nowadays because everyone likes to use more of that mac...

Makeup brushes for beginners

Makeup Brushes For Beginners

The first thing we all need to start practicing makeup is Makeup Brushes so I got a set of makeup brushes when I was a beginner. I was completely unaware of the usage of each and every brush; all I knew was about a blush-on brush and basic eyeshadow applicator. I did pretty good research...

saeed ghani Hair Henna Powder dye

Saeed Ghani Hair Henna Powder Dye

Hey Beauts Dyed hair are so in trend these days everyone is busy dying their hair and dyed hair can also change your personality even nowadays it has become so common to dye your hair purple, green, gray or all the strange colors. When it comes to dying my hair, Red or burgundy color comes...

Hemani Herbal Whitening Beauty Cream

Hemani Herbal Whitening Beauty Cream Gold

Hey Beautyholics! I have got some Products from Hemani Herbals and I picked a product to review that is Hemani Herbal Whitening Beauty Cream “Gold”. I bought this cream because I have been listening about it everywhere and also this season is bit dry and my skin has become so dull so I thought why...