Saeed Ghani Hair Henna Powder Dye

saeed ghani Hair Henna Powder dye

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Dyed hair are so in trend these days everyone is busy dying their hair and dyed hair can also change your personality even nowadays it has become so common to dye your hair purple, green, gray or all the strange colors. When it comes to dying my hair, Red or burgundy color comes to my mind. My mom is so concerned about my hair that she doesn’t allow me to use hair dyes because it contains chemicals and is toxic. So I got an easy way out and got myself a packet of Saeed Ghani Hair Henna Powder dye.

saeed ghani Hair Henna Powder dye saeed ghani Hair Henna Powder dye saeed ghani Hair Henna Powder dye saeed ghani Hair Henna Powder dye

I didn’t prepare henna paste how it is written on the box because this is not how henna release dye. It takes great effort to make it that way so it can dye your hair so I did a great great great research on how the henna hair dye is prepared. So I chose a formula that is mention below.


Take your henna out in a bowl add water bit by bit and stir with a spoon. Don’t add too much water instantly add bit by bit AND MAKE A THICK PASTE. Squeeze 2 to 3 lemons and add that lemon juice in your henna. Add 2 to 3 tablespoon of yogurt/curd. Mix it well and cover your bowl with a plastic bag and cover it well to make it like airtight. Place your bowl in a cabinet overnight. Next day apply that henna paste on your hair leave it for 3 hours and wash off. Don’t use shampoo on that day otherwise, you won’t get color.

Henna stains everything and its stubborn stains won’t go easily so make sure to cover your clothes before applying and also apply a little Vaseline on your ears and neck, it’ll help you to remove henna marks if it mistakenly reaches there. It was my first time and I didn’t get any visible color. My natural hair color is dark brown to black and I got just a copper brown tint in my hair but I know it needs patience and I will probably try henna next time with beetroots as beetroot is also a dye releasing agent. I will let you know how it works.

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