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Rivaj UK lip & Eye Pencil


I’ve got something dramatic for my eyes and it was the only thing that was missing in my makeup and that is Rivaj UK lip & Eye pencil in white color. As its trend is so in these days and every second makeup look contain that dramatic white waterline so I thought I should try it out.


So the product comes in pencil-like packaging which is very common. The formula is so creamy and is easy to apply on your waterline. As my eyes are too big so I was lil confused that how It’s going to look on me. Is it going to give me a cartoonish look? But when I tried it gave me a fresh and elegant look. Rivaj UK lip & eye pencil is also good for those girls having chunky eyes cause it enhances the eyes and makes them look bigger and beautiful. I bought this Rivaj UK lip & eye pencil in No.037 but it comes in different colors.

It is not only good for eyes but it also works on acne scars and dark spots, even I use this to highlight my brow bone and it looks so natural. It stays on your eyes for about 5-6 hours. It’s waterproof and it doesn’t smudge itself until you smudge it with your finger and that’s the best thing about it.

Rivaj UK lip & Eye Pencil

Rivaj UK lip & Eye Pencil

Rivaj UK lip & Eye Pencil



Where To Buy

I have bought this from Imtiaz Super Market Karachi. You can also buy this on the official website of Rivaj UK http://www.rivaj-uk.com/index.php/

They’re giving free shipping all across Pakistan on orders over Rs: 1000 these days.


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