Nature whitening Face Wash Cool Peppermint

Nature whitening Face Wash Cool Peppermint

Before starting the review I wanna talk about the word “whitening” that is written on the products in big bold letters. I can’t understand why the marketing team of the companies introduce this idea even in today’s era. It is okay to even out the complexion and pigmentation on the face, but running towards a lighter tone should not be your goal to achieve. So be grateful in your own skin. Love yourself.

So while hunting in a supermart I got this Nature whitening Face Wash Cool Peppermint. I was already searching for a facewash with a cooling effect as its freaking hot ( the weather). My skin gets so warm that I can feel the heat emitting from my face. *sounds too physics-like* :p

This is a foaming face wash that claims to be scrub type. Well, I can’t say it works like a scrub because the granules present are too smooth to perform scrubbing function. The granules are mint particles that provide a cooling effect. It doesn’t over-cool as prickly heat does, it gently provides a cooling sensation. I don’t like foaming facewash usually. It’s been so many years after having a bad experience I quit using the foaming ones. Foaming facewash is not meant for dry combination skin. But these days my skin is too oily and sticky so I thought why not give it a try.

Nature whitening Face Wash Cool Peppermint creates amazing leather I always think I have used more than required. It takes too little to create a handful of leather. So it’s gonna last long. I expected it to be green but the color is actually blue and is super creamy. It perfectly controls the oil and prevents stickiness. Other than that it doesn’t irritate the eyes even after being minty. The smell is also very refreshing, unlike other strong peppermint odor. Overall it’s a perfect pick for this summer.

Nature whitening Face Wash Cool Peppermint Nature whitening Face Wash Cool Peppermint


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