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Makeup brushes for beginners

The first thing we all need to start practicing makeup is Makeup Brushes so I got a set of makeup brushes when I was a beginner. I was completely unaware of the usage of each and every brush; all I knew was about a blush-on brush and basic eyeshadow applicator. I did pretty good research on brushes and taught myself all the basic usage. These brushes are so affordable. I want to share my experience with all the beginners out there.

Makeup brushes for beginners

Makeup brushes for beginners

Makeup brushes for beginners Makeup brushes for beginners Makeup brushes for beginners Makeup brushes for beginnersI bought’em from and got an amazing scroll pouch. This set contains 12 makeup brushes and that would be enough to complete a makeup look. I really loved the pouch that is travel-friendly, you can take it anywhere you want. These brushes are so handy and bristles are too soft. I bought them 3 years ago and until now I use them. I have washed’em several times and haven’t found any breakage of bristles or depreciation in quality.

How To Clean Makeup Brushes?

Cleaning your brushes is really an important task otherwise you would face skin allergies. I clean my brushes twice a month. But if you use foundation with a brush so you should clean it at least once in a week. Here’s how you clean them:

  1. Take lukewarm water in a bowl.
  2. Dip bristles of your brushes in that water.
  3. Take shampoo on your palm, gently rub brushes on your palm in a circular motion and wash them.
  4. Now gently squeeze out that water and wipe with a clean towel.
  5. Leave them on a clean and dry space to be dry.

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