Lark Donhill Red Body Mist Review

Lark Donhill Red Body Mist

“Lark Donhill Red Body Mist” Is It worth it?

It’s the beginning of summertime and I’m in the hunt for some new routine adopting different habits to minimize the monotonousness in life. I love fragrances these days, I’m looking forward to the different flavors that I haven’t used before. Lark Donhill Red Body Mist is what I have picked for this month. I was a little confused while buying actually I don’t like non-floral scents. After using this I’m more confident trying new oriented fragrances.

This body mist has a refreshing smell that lasts up to 5 hours. The bottle is very lightweight and compact to carry in your bag and travel along with. Its water-like consistency and the mild smell is something that attracted me. I don’t like heavy perfumes and this is the reason I go for body mists. So this is something you won’t regret after buying.

Lark Donhill Red Body Mist Lark Donhill Red Body Mist Lark Donhill Red Body Mist

  • Read the instructions carefully after buying any body-spray/perfume or a related product. This mist is highly flammable and should be avoided near the naked flame and direct sunlight or temperature exceeding 50’C.

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