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Izzi body mist

I have always loved the light floral fragrance/scent. Whenever I buy perfumes and body sprays I search for jasmine or rose. I have never tried new perfumes I was stuck at the same old fragrance. Then I thought why not add some new stuff and randomly I saw Izzi body mists at a grocery shop and I grabbed two of them because of the attractive packaging.

Product Overview

Izzi body mist comes in so many flavors. I have bought “sweet love” that comes in a pink bottle and “true love” that comes in purple. Sweet love has sweet rosy smell and is best of all the flavors. True love smells like the detergent I dunno and its smell is hard to recognize. The scent of these mists last 3-4 hours and you need 9 to 10 sprays to make the fragrance last. It feels fresh minty sensation on the skin when you spray. I’m gonna buy the sweet love again as I’m in love with this cute little bottle and its smell.

You can’t use these when you are in a hurry or when u need just 2 sprays to make the fragrance last whole day. Izzi body mist can be your backpack essential or when you travel you can carry’em with you anywhere.

Izzi body mist Izzi body mist Izzi body mist Izzi body mist Izzi body mist I will keep these empty bottles for the DIY purpose because the spray is so flexible and it doesn’t leak. So that’s all for today I will try more fragrances and will let u guys know my experience.

Where To Buy?

I have bought them from a local supermart in Karachi. You can also buy’em online. These are available at Hum Mart https://hummart.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=izzi

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