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Hashmi kajal

Hey there!

Today I got a desi makeup product to review however there is no such thing to review because everyone knows about it for 200 years. Hashmi Kajal is the thing that is known to everyone for centuries. It has become less in use nowadays because everyone likes to use more of that mac and loreal kajal.


I tried Hashmi stick kajal when I was 13 but I had bad experience in that one. I don’t know what’s wrong but that smudges a lot but some people say that doesn’t smudge when they apply. Stick Kajals are good for small eyes and I have big round eyes. I think that’s why stick Kajals make my eyes look like Annabelle (Evil Doll).

When I was in college my friend gave me a Hashmi kajal in a tube-like packaging. So I tried that one out and I spent whole day with my kajal on and it didn’t even smudge after washing my face. Since then it has become my most favorite product. Even after using loreal kajal I wouldn’t hesitate to pick Hashmi kajal over all the other kajal. It is so creamy and soothing and it doesn’t irritate your eyes. The best thing is that it has a thin stick and I like thin line on my waterline. Its lasting power is more than any good kajal. You can spend the whole day without resetting it. It won’t fade or vanish.

Hashmi kajal Hashmi kajal

Hashmi kajal Hashmi kajal

Where To Buy

It is easily available at local cosmetic shops. I have bought from Daraz.pk https://www.daraz.pk/products/hashmi-kajal-tube-i102230224-s1247964610.html?spm=a2a0e.searchlistcategory.list.1.255973e9oVpNTW&search=1


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