Hair Fall Treatment Ft Marhaba Castor Oil

Castor Oil

Castor oil is known for its never-ending benefits for ages. From wounding healing and reducing fungus to being an amazing laxative and anti-acne treatment, it has always proved to be a beneficial remedy. It contains 90% of ricinoleic acid (a monounsaturated fatty acid) that is responsible for its moisturizing properties. Apart from being good at digestion and skincare it also works wonders for hair fall and baldness.

I have a severe issue of hair fall and it’s been 4-5 years I have used so many promising products that failed badly. I’m more into oils and organic products these days because I have experienced that natural source works better than any chemical treated cosmetic. I went through typhoid fever and right after that my hair fall got worse.

Castor Oil is so thick and concentrated it can’t be applied directly or else it would be sticky. I use castor oil with coconut, olive, and almond oil. You can mix it with only coconut oil if you want to make it easier. You have to massage it on the scalp so that roots absorb the oil properly. I apply this mixture for 3-4 hours before shampoo and sometimes overnight, twice a week. You can also use this on your lashes for growth.

I have seen a lot of difference in my hair growth. Hope it would be helpful for you in your hair fall recovery.

Castor Oil Benefits For Skin

Castor Oil removes hyperpigmentation and makes the skin glowing. it also reduces acne/dark spots. I use castor and coconut oil mixture to massage my face during winters.

Castor Oil

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