Granny Lip And Cheek Tint Review

Granny Lip And Cheek Tint

Tint is basically a liquid or gel sort of a thing to color your lips/ Cheeks. It lasts longer than a lipstick and provides a natural color as compared to other makeup products. The concept of tint came from Korean makeup. Now, most of the people are launching their own handmade tints and it’s the much-hyped product on Instagram these days. I was looking for a tint and found multiple options for myself so finally got my hand on this newly launched Granny Lip And Cheek Tint from Granny organics.

They have this tint in the scarlet shade that appears pink after blending or when u apply a thin coat. I apply multiple coats on lips so it appears scarlet red on lips. The pigmentation is so good and blends really smoothly. It is waterproof/sweatproof that’s the most amazing thing about this tint that it lasts the whole day. Granny Lip And Cheek Tint are made with natural ingredients so I leave it on my face without any fret. It feels so natural on the face so you can easily carry it to the workplace, college, or wherever you want. It smells like a mixture of aloe vera and rosewater.

The bottle and the dropper are made of glass so you’ve to be careful about where you place it. Along with my favorite bb cream this tint is my goto makeup essential these days.

Granny Lip And Cheek Tint Granny Lip And Cheek TintGranny Lip And Cheek Tint

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