Dramatic curls using Rivaj UK Flex Rollers

Rivaj UK Flex Rollers

Heat causes so much damage to hair and we have to look different on every occasion. We can not straight hair like straightening iron do naturally. Do you know? we can curl them naturally more than any curling iron can. I have tried so many techniques to curl my hair,  tried paper strip curls, DIY pencil curls whatnot. I saw flexy rods in a hairstyle tutorial and its commendable results.

Rivaj UK Flex Rollers is something that I wanted to try desperately. I have tried and failed many times. I don’t know why my curls don’t last long. Let me tell u step by step how I tried. If you are in a hurry skip the first two points because It’s the mistakes that I have done. Jump directly to the third one.


  • After taking shower at night I used theseRivaj UK Flex Rollers and covered my hair with a hijab cap. If u don’t do so the rods will fall off especially if you have heavy hair. I detangled the rods and got disappointed badly. The hair from the front was perfectly curled up and from the back not at all curled, even wavy. This is because I did them without using any holding gel or setting spray. Curls don’t work on silky or moisturized hair as well.
  • This time I used these again at night after the shower this time I didn’t use oil before the shampoo, as usual, I do. I used the shampoo twice to remove the moisture and excess oil from hair. I used a holding gel and then I used these rods overnight. In the morning it was another experiment full of disappointment, my hair was little damp from inside. The same thing happened.
  • The third time I did this technique with a hairdryer with medium heat. On the other hand, I thought I wanted heatless curls but I ended up on a heating technique. Air from the hairdryer doesn’t damage as much as the curling rod does. I have long hair and without this, I can’t dry my hair properly. Well, this time I was successful. Kudos to me. Lol. flexy rods works yeahh…

Packaging and Quality

Rivaj UK Flex Rollers are foam-like can be molded easily. The rods are strong enough to hold the curls in a proper manner. There are 10 rods present in a box. pretty cheaper in price.

Rivaj UK Flex Rollers Rivaj UK Flex Rollers Rivaj UK Flex Rollers

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