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Derma Shine Acne Facial Kit Review

Derma Shine is a well-known skincare brand and is trending everywhere now creating hype on beauty influencers and salons. Derma shine has a wide variety of skincare products, from facial kits to sunblocks and manicure/pedicure kit, derma shine has met the expectations of all the skin types. Every product is made of fruit and organic ingredients as compared to other skincare products.

I got Derma Shine Acne Facial Kit and after using it for thrice I’m here with the review. This acne facial kit has 6 products that are shown below

derma shine

derma shine

  • Derma Shine Tea Tree Face Wash

Derma Shine Tea Tree Face Wash is for oily combination skin specialized for acne-prone and sensitive skin. The active ingredients like Tea Tree, Salicylic Acid, Guar Gum Turmeric Extract, and Citric Acid works on the skin by removing sebum and blemishes. The fragrance is so amazing and it really feels like you’re using an organic product. I would love using this face wash in future cuz it’s results are so satisfying.

derma shine derma shine

  • Derma Shine Whitening Cleanser

Derma Shine Whitening Cleanser claims to lighten the complexion, exfoliate dead cells, tighten pores and cleanse the skin. It perfectly cleanses the skin after using I got soft supple skin with a youthful glow. When it comes to whitening it works like dead skin cells remover so when the skin becomes clean after the removal of dead layers the complexion seems lighter. The texture is to die for and the fragrance is orange-like.

derma shine derma shine

  • Derma Shine Whitening Skin Polisher

Derma Shine Whitening Skin Polisher is one of my favorite among all because it’s easy to use and non-harsh formula I love its application and results. This skin polisher is a little different from others and we have to massage it gently after application. There is no need to mix the two formulas to make skin polisher and that’s what it makes it so easy. It gives a radiant and crystal shine glow after application. The fragrance is sweet and spicy more like strawberry.

derma shine derma shine

  • Derma Shine Skin Hydrating Facial Mask

This Facial Mask is another favorite thing in this facial range. Derma Shine Skin Hydrating Facial Mask is made up of cucumber, vitamin C&E, and botanical extracts. The formula is so cool and hydrating and is good for summers. Its application is mint-like and its cooling sensation soothes the skin perfectly in the facial process. It tightens pores, reduces spots and makes the skin fresh and hydrating. Apply all over the face and neck, leave it for 15 minutes until dry and wash it off with warm water.

derma shine derma shine

  • Derma Shine Whitening Massage Cream

Derma Shine Whitening Massage Cream is thick buttery textured cream that is used mostly at the last step of the facial process. It contains multivitamins, honey and almond butter that makes skin so moisturizing and silky. It has a strong smell of almonds and smell is a little bitter. The formula is so thick so you have to massage till the cream absorbs fully into the skin. The skin seems so baby soft and radiant after applying and it brightens up the skin instantly.

derma shine derma shine

  • Derma Shine Whitening Aloe Vera Gel

This whitening aloe Vera gel is a soothing and moisturizing formula that works on sunburns and spots. It makes the skin tone even and reduces hyperpigmentation. The ingredients like apricot seeds, papaya seeds, myristic acid make the skin hydrated, heals skin and reduces hypersensitivity from the skin due to high sun exposure. The formula is diluted and watery and I prefer using thick consistency of aloe vera gels so I don’t really like its consistency. You have to be very careful while using cause its runny consistency makes it difficult to take and apply the desired amount and you end up getting more amount than you actually want to use. I think Tube-like packaging is not good for watery products, spray and pump bottles are rather better for this consistency. Apart from this, I love its results. It has a spicy scent.

derma shine derma shine

Where to Buy

you can buy this facial kit from the link below

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