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Christine Lip Pencils


Let’s start. So I love Lip crayons and jumbo lip pencils that can be used as a lip liner as well as lipsticks. I have been using Rivaj UK and Christine lip Pencils from so long. I have tried several different shades so I thought why not review my top favorite colors From Christine color cosmetics. They have a wide variety/shades of lip liners.

Christine Lip Pencils

Christine lip pencils are so comfortable on lips, they are matte but it feels so creamy and hydrated on lips like it wouldn’t feel cracky or dried up. The packaging is quite solid so you don’t have to sharpen your lip pencil again n again. You can see how much pigmented they are and they last up to 4 hours. The only con I have seen is that you can’t have oily stuff with the lip pencils on because I have had paratha with chutney and after that my lip color was falling down on my chin. Phew! It was my fault? Or it was the con of that lippie. Whatever…

They are not waterproof or transfer-proof but for short time usage, these would be the perfect picks.  If you would go for a matte waterproof lipstick it would take an effort to remove it off. So according to me if your lipstick is not waterproof you can use it for short time and you can easily wipe it off whenever you want.

Don’t worry your lip color is not going to vanish after drinking water or any liquid drink. Please don’t eat oily/heavy food especially parathas :p

So these are the colors that I got:

1.Vintage Wine 550

2. Magenta 556

3.Candy Pink 577

Christine Lip Pencils Christine Lip Pencils



  • Pigmentation 4/5
  • Availability 4/5
  • Waterproof3/5
  • Transfer-proof 3/5
  • Packaging 3/5

Where To Buy

I have bought’em from Imtiaz Super Mart Karachi. You can also buy online

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