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Bio 7 day

My Old School Story

Bio 7 Day Beauty Plan is an old cream that is being used by so many people in Pakistan. This was just another must-have product I have seen on my dressing table while growing up. It would not be odd to say that there are so many childhood memories related to this cream as I’ve always been attracted to its baby pink color.

This cream comes in a jar like packaging (I always buy the bigger one)  lol. The cream is covered with an aluminum foil which I liked about it the most as it would protect it from germs. It makes your skin supper doper silky after application but it doesn’t make your skin oily or sticky. It’s more like a nongreasy moisturizer.

Bio 7 day Bio 7 day Bio 7 day Bio 7 day

What does it claim?

  • It claims to work like a moisturizer which it actually does.
  • Bio 7 day claims to be a makeup base which is also true. It contain some ingredients that helps to shrink the pores to some extrent and make the surface ready for makeup base like a primer does.
  • It says it works like a deep cleanser and clean impurities and dirt. Personally i haven’t seen any high cleansing quality but i have seen most of the beauticians at local salons use this as a cleanser.
  • It claims to be a skin repairer that repairs damaged skin. It can repair chapped skin or dead skin otherwise it can not repair major skin damages.
  • This cream claims to be a Complexion Protector and uv protector but there’s no ingredient present that works on complexion or against uv rays.
  • So it also claims to be an anti-ageing cream that removes wrinkles well i can’t say it would do that. It is more like a moisturizer. It can make your skin look smooth, radiant and youthful but it can not remove wrinkles or else.
  • The cream work as an antibacterial.

The above mentioned were the 7 qualities that the product claims. In my personal opinion it the the best soothing product. I often use this at night on face and body. It is also good even for summers as it does not feel heavy on skin. I call it my Holy Grail Body Butter.

Where To Buy?
It is easily available at cosmetic shops. It is also available online

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