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ADS Matte Lipsticks

Hey beautiholics!

I’m here with another creamy matte lipstick deal from a not so popular brand. I love trying different makeup brands so I went through deals and randomly I got my eyes on these super cute ADS Matte lipsticks. Actually, I bought them because of their cute packaging and eye-catching colors.

About Brand

ADS Cosmetics is a not so popular Chinese Cosmetic Brand. They Provide different variety of Makeup Products.

About Product

ADS Matte Lipsticks contain vitamin e and gives you a creamy matte look. They’re travel-friendly because of its Pen-Like Packaging that can adjustable in every size of bag/clutch. Their pigments are quite impressible. The best thing about these lipsticks is they won’t leave your lips uneven because they’re easy to remove. ADS Matte Lipsticks can last up to 4-5 hours.

ADS Matte Lipsticks ADS Matte Lipsticks


ADS Matte Lipsticks are of many shades but the deal I bought contains 10 different shades. There are different shades of pinks, reds, purples. Let’s have a look on the shades that are mentioned below.

01. Shade 66

ADS Matte Lipsticks

02. Shade 34

ADS Matte Lipsticks03Shade 01

ADS Matte Lipsticks

04. Shade 67

ADS Matte Lipsticks05. Shade 52

ADS Matte Lipsticks06. Shade 38

ADS Matte Lipsticks

07. Shade 46

ADS Matte Lipsticks

08. Shade 59

ADS Matte Lipsticks09. Shade 54

ADS Matte Lipsticks10. Shade 64

ADS Matte Lipsticks

My Experience

I’ve been using ADS Matte Lipsticks since one n half year and I haven’t seen any allergic reaction/side effects on the lips as the ingredients are not mentioned on the lipsticks however the first question came on my mind before buying them was their ingredients but you never know what would happen cause some people are allergic to many cosmetics because of their sensitive skin. Personally, I haven’t experienced anything worse. They’re not suitable if you’re going to an event where you’re gonna have lunch/dinner cause they’re creamy and starts to fade when you eat or drink.


  • Comfortable 3/5
  • Waterproof 2/5
  • Pigmentation 3/5
  • Affordable 5/5
  • Packaging 3/5

Where to buy

I bought them from in Pkr.1000 but they are also available on Amazon. you can buy them in local cosmetic shops nearby.

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